Programmatic Buying,
Done Right.

We are committed to exceeding your ROI and KPIs.

Let's Rock!

Programmatic Buying,
Done Right.

We are committed to exceeding your ROI and KPIs.

Let's Rock!


Our proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP) enables advertisers to reach the right audience at the right time, when they are ready to engage. With strong expertise in programmatic and performance marketing, Tapsomnia delivers a solution to maximize your ROI on programmatic buying for mobile.

We have integrated and continue to integrate with supply sources (SSPs) including Google Ad-x, OpenX, Appnexus, AdColony, Smaato and many others which give us access billions and billions of impressions worldwide. Our free managed services team can assist you with monitoring multiple media channels to ensure authentic selection and optimization at the lowest cost.

With Tapsomnia, you can:

Connect with your precise audience globally

Control your campaigns and spend with our self-serve platform

Gain access to a fully transparent platform designed for speed and efficiency

Leverage the technology, expertise and resources at no additional cost of a proven partner


Tapsomnia gives app developers and publishers an efficient way to earn higher CPMs. With direct and RTB advertising demand from hundreds of performance and brand advertisers globally, we focus on maximizing CPM and fill rates for your inventory. Currently we serve banner, rich media, interstitials, native and video ads. We enable you to connect your mobile app and web properties into the same platform. The nodes of connections can be via JS tags, API, and SDK.

With Tapsomnia you can:

Connect all your properties on the same platform

Connect via JS tags, API, and SDK

Create rules for traffic allocation (direct buyers, AP buyers, DSP buyers, and more)


Customize rules to get the maximum eCPM per request

Granular reporting to feedback reporting to maximize returns




Billions of impressions daily around the world through real-time bidding (RTB)


Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, In-app, Mobile Web Android, iOS, Video, Display, Native


Detailed reporting for your campaigns to aid in optimization


Campaign managers ready to help deliver on your KPIs (FREE!)


Access your campaigns and reports at any time


Built from the ground up so that we can add the services you need to increase your ROI

  • Focus on your top audience for conversions.

  • Model and mimic current audience with look alike modeling based on 3rd party data.

  • Measure the performance of your campaign with the extended audience.

Ad Formats

Tapsomnia is a high impact demand-side platform (DSP) providing technology and services to advertisers, agencies, and agency trading desks. Tapsomia clients gain greater control and performance with a single point of access for media buying across advertising exchanges in real-time. We provide all the scale and speed you need to get optimal results.

Creative Accepted:










Incorporate first-party remarketing data or third-party audience data from any major source to find precisely the audience segments you want to reach. With pre-configured targeting options, you can refine audience with variables such as geography, recency, time of day, day of week, URL/domain/site, performance of creative and many more. Use powerful audience reporting to expand targeting with “look-a-like” segments or to gain actionable insights into specific segments.

Targeting Options


Country, Radius, Lat Long targeting, IP list


(including Wifi)

Bid Platform


Global Inventory

We have access to Global Inventory where advertisers can access specific sites, apps exchanges across various verticals


Brands and Models Operating System Browsers


Specific sites and exchanges, Site and App verticals, User interest verticals and affinity segments

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